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Dr Ekaterina Stepanova

Head, Peace & Conflict Studies Unit,
National Research Institute of World Economy
& International Relations (IMEMO), Moscow

Prof., Department of Political Science & Sociology, European University in St.Petersburg (EUSP)


  Stepanova E., The "Islamic State" as a Security Problem for Russia:
the Nature and Scale of the Threat,
PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo no. 393, October 2015.

  Stepanova E., The ISIS Factor in Afghanistan: How Much of a Challenge for Russia? Bishkek Project Memo, 30 March 2017.
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  Stepanova E., Cragin K., "Counterterrorism", in A Roadmap for U.S.-Russia Relations: Executive Summary of the CSIS and RIAC Report, 23 March 2017 (full report to follow).

  Stepanova E., How and Why the United States and Russia Can Cooperate on Terrorism, PONARS Eurasia Policy Memo no. 450, November 2016.

Dr Stepanova's research and publications focus on armed conflicts, terrorism, insurgency, human security, peace-building, and political economy of conflicts. Her several books include Terrorism in Asymmetrical Conflict (Oxford University Press, 2008).


 Stepanova E., “Russia”, in The Oxford Handbook of the Responsibility to Protect (Oxford University Press, 2016), 409-428.

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Articles Reports Chapters
Stepanova E., “Regionalization of violent jihadism and beyond: the case of Daesh”, in Interdisciplinary Journal for Religion and Transformation in Contemporary Society, no. 3, June 2016, p. 30–55.

Stepanova E., Afghan Narcotrafficking: A Joint Threat Assessment,
Report by Joint U.S.-Russia Working Group on the Afghan Narcotrafficking
(EastWest Institute, 2013).
Stepanova E., “Transnational Islamist terrorism: network fragmentation and bottom-up regionalization,” in Global Terrorism Index 2014: (Sydney: Institute of Economics & Peace, 2014), p. 74–78.
Stepanova E., Russia in the Middle East: Back to a “Grand Strategy” – or Enforcing Multila-
 Politique étrangère, no. 2, Summer 2016, p. 23-35.
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Stepanova E., Russia's Concerns Relating to Afghanistan and the Broader Region in the Context of the US/NATO Withdrawal (Barcelona: CIDOB, 2013).
Stepanova E., “Terrorism and antiterrorism,” in The Handbook of Global Security Policy (London: Wiley-Blackwell, 2014), p. 126–144.
Stepanova E., “La Russie a-t-elle une "grande stratégie" au Moyen Orient?”, Politique étrangère, no. 2, Été 2016, p. 23-35.
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Stepanova E., Afghanistan after 2014: The Way Forward for Russia, Russie.NEI.Visions, no. 71, May 2013 (Paris: Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), 2013).
Stepanova E., “Lone wolves and network agents in leaderless jihad: the case of the Boston Marathon bombing cell”, in Perseverance of Terrorism: Focus on Leaders (Amsterdam: IOS Press, 2014), p. 50–63.


Stepanova E., Terrorism in Asymmetrical Conflict: Ideological and Structural Aspects (Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 2008), 200 p.

Order: Paperback, Kindle, Hardback

Terrorism: Patterns of Internationalization
eds Saikia J. and Stepanova E. (New Delhi; London; Los Angeles: Sage, 2009), 266 p.

Stepanova E., Terrorismo en el conflicto asimétrico: aspectos ideológicos y estructurales, Cuadernos de Actualidad en Defensa y Estrategia, no. 2: En Torno a la Asimetría (Buenos Aires: Ministeria de Defensa, 2009).
Stepanova E. Anti-Terrorism and Peace-Building During and After Conflict (Stockholm: SIPRI, 2003).

Reprinted in: Peace Studies: Critical Concepts in Political Science. — L.: Routledge, 2005. V. III. p. 338–389.
Books in Russian

Stepanova E., [Terrorism in Asymmetrical Conflict: Ideological and Structural Aspects]
(Moscow: Nauchnaya kniga, 2010), 288 p.

Stepanova E.A., [The Role of Illicit Drug Business in the Political Economy of Conflicts and Terrorism] (Moscow: Ves Mir, 2005), 312 p.

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Stepanova E.A., [Civil-Military Relations in Operations Other Than War] (Moscow: Human Rights Publ., 2001), 272 p.

Contents /  Summary 
[Kosovo: International Aspects of the Crisis], co-ed. by E. Stepanova
(Carnegie Moscow Center, 1999), 309 p.

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