Prof Dr Ekaterina Stepanova

All courses in English
( taught in 2018)

1. Armed Conflicts in the 21st Century: Trends, Patterns, Management
2. Terrorism and Antiterrorism
3. Political Economy of Armed Conflicts
4. Human security. Humanitarian aspects of conflicts and conflict management
5. Networks and Violence
6. Violence and Security in Eurasia

Courses in 2018

School of Government and International Affairs,

BA in Government and International Affairs

September-December 2017 — course "Armed Conflicts in the 21st Century" (4th year)
Language: English
Lecturer: Prof Ekaterina Stepanova

Russian Academy of National Economy & Public Administration (RANEPA)
School of Public Policy

BA in Global Governance and Leadership

February-June 2018 — course "Terrorist Threats and Antiterrorist Policies"
Language: English
Lecturer: Prof Ekaterina Stepanova

Past courses

European University in Saint-Petersburg (EUSP)

International MA in Russian and Eurasian Studies (IMARES)

2009-2016 — course "Violence and Security in Eurasia: Conflicts, Terrorism, Extremism"
Language: English
Lecturer: Prof Ekaterina Stepanova

Recent university lectures/presentations
(in English):

15 January 2018 — lecture "Russia's engagement in conflict management outside the post-Soviet space: back to a "grand strategy"? (Middle East and Afghanistan)", Istituto Alti Studi per la Difesa, Rome (Italy)

8 November 2017 — presentation on "Russia’s Conflict Management in Syria: Regionalization and Implications for Geneva and the U.S.", conference on "U.S.-Russian Relations One Year After The U.S. Election", Jordan Center, New York University

3 November 2017 — meeting with students of Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs seminar on "U.S.-Russian relations in the Middle East", IMEMO, Moscow

19 October 2017 — panel on "Back to the Future in Afghanistan? Prospects for U.S.-Russia Cooperation in a Time of Regional Uncertainty", Harriman Institute, Columbia University

5 October 2017 — lecture on "Russia's Role in the Middle East: The Syria and Libya Conflicts and Conflict Management", lecture series "The Middle East: Understanding the Role of Regional and External Powers", Johns Hopkins University SAIS Europe, Bologna, Italy

8 June 2017 — lecture on "Russia, New Threats and the West,", 21st Strategic Planning and Analysis Seminar, Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP)

2 May 2017 — presentation on "Armed conflict, insurgency, terrorism and peace process in Afghanistan", conference "The US’ and Russia’s Relationship in Central Asia and its Neighborhood", George Washington University, DC

23 March 2017 — presentation "Permanent 5 Role (the P2): Russia", conference "The Responsibility to Protect: Re-Energizing the Key Players", Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada